The Undeniable Talent of Paula Cole

The late 1990’s was a collision course in music.  While the entertainment culture overflowed with a myriad of teenage pop bands, Latin dance explosion and alternative punk, there were a few musicians that stood out with a true musical talent and integrity; Paula Cole is one of these artists.  With raven hair, lyrically-significant songs and pipes that could make a window burst out of its frame, this ethereal beauty proved that she was a force to be reckoned with, and carved a name for herself with other strong female singers of that time like Sarah McLachlan and Shawn Colvin.

 While Cole released her debut album, Harbinger, in 1994, it was her sophomore album, This Fire, in 1997 that gained both commercial and critical success.  The radio button couldn’t be turned on without hearing the gritty and haunting message of “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone” or “I Don’t Wanna Wait,” which really showed off Cole’s singing capabilities.  After touring with large acts like the Lillith Fair, Paula Cole broke off and has been doing her own thing since, creating new albums and touring solo across the world.

While Paula Cole has come to the One World Theatre before, seeing her for the first time was such an unbelievable experience.  Coming out onto the stage, she immediately created an overwhelming sense of warmth by talking with the audience, even inviting them to “ask her any question they felt.”  Once her voice hit the microphone and her fingers touched the ivory keys of her piano, she completely blew everyone away with her incredible musical talent.  It’s rare to find an artist with such a capable range, and she nailed it every time; the lows and highs in her voice had my jaw dropping to the floor several times throughout the performance.  Furthermore, it was great to see how involved she was with the One World Theatre patrons.   She laced her show with lots of stories and even got the audience involved in creating a snapping percussion during her song “Feelin’ Love.”  After the show, Cole stayed to take pictures and talk with the audience members, a true testament to how much she cares about her fans.

While no one can deny Paula Cole’s beauty, being able to see her at One World Theatre only made it radiate more.   The dynamic lighting in shades of blues, reds and golds washed over the stage to highlight the band and every move they made.  Furthermore, the sound couldn’t have been better.  With every note that came out of Cole’s voice, patrons were able to hear her pitch perfect even in the back of this intimate venue.  It was truly a treat to see such a talented artist, and to be able to view her show at this theatre was the cherry on top.  Like this amazing Paula Cole show, being able to experience any musician at the One World Theatre will only elevate their performance- just one more reason to come by and see for yourself!


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